RELEASE: Alex Padilla Releases New Ad in Lead Up to Primary Election

LOS ANGELES, CA – Alex Padilla has released a new ad, “Defending the Dream,” in the lead up to the primary election for a full term in the Senate on June 7. “Defending the Dream” reminds voters that Alex, a son of immigrants, is running for a full term in the Senate to fight for working families and defend our democracy.

The digital ad will run in both English and Spanish in the lead up to the primary. 

Full Script (English): 

Every day I go to work,

I think about my immigrant parents.

My dad was a short order cook.

My mom cleaned houses.

They raised three kids…

Became proud citizens…

And lived the American Dream.

As your US Senator,

I’ll always fight for families working hard to pay the bills.

I’ll always defend democracy.

And I will always put our kids first.

Full Script (Spanish): 

Cada día que voy a trabajar,

Pienso en mis padres.

Mi papá fue cocinero.

Mi mamá limpiaba casas.

Criaron a tres hijos.

Se convirtieron en ciudadanos…

Vivieron el sueño Americano.

Como su senador…

Siempre lucharé por nuestras familias.

Siempre defenderé nuestra democracia.

Y se que lo más importante es el futuro de nuestros hijos.

Alex was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to fill the Senate seat vacated by Vice President Kamala Harris. Alex is running in both a Special Election to complete the remainder of the current term, and a Regular Election to serve a new full term in the Senate. 

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Remember to vote for Alex Padilla TWICE on your ballot: for the Special Election to fulfill the partial Senate term ending January 2023 and for the Regular Election for a new six-year term in the Senate.

Why is Alex Padilla on the ballot twice?

When Kamala Harris became Vice President, Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Alex to fill her vacant Senate seat. Alex is running to finish Vice President Harris’ term (November 9, 2022-January 2, 2023), and in a separate election for a new full term beginning on January 3, 2023.

Make sure you vote for Alex Padilla in both elections so he can remain in the Senate to continue fighting to defend democracy.