Alex Padilla is the proud son of immigrants and a proud son of California. He’s fighting in the Senate to defend democracy and the right to vote, protect our environment, increase access to healthcare, and uplift working families.


Alex Padilla is fighting for us on important issues – defending democracy, climate change, Medicare for All, immigration reform, and more.


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WE. WILL. NOT. STOP. FIGHTING. To push back against this egregious rollback of personal freedom.
The overturning of Roe is the greatest restriction of Americans’ rights in the last half-century. Other fund...
This funding from the Department of Energy will support innovative clean energy projects in California that ca...
Today is a good day to cancel student debt. President Biden, millions of Americans are counting on you to take...
When voters go to the polls in November they should remember that efforts to stop price gouging at the gas pum...
Intimidation and threats of violence, particularly in light of the January 6th insurrection, have no place in ...
Republicans espouse their beliefs in limited government while simultaneously telling women what they can and c...
Our fire fighters are on the front lines of combatting the worsening effects of climate change. It is essentia...
All those responsible for attempting to overthrow our democracy must be held accountable. From top to bottom, ...

for Alex

Remember to vote for Alex Padilla TWICE on your ballot: for the Special Election to fulfill the partial Senate term ending January 2023 and for the Regular Election for a new six-year term in the Senate.

Why is Alex Padilla on the ballot twice?

When Kamala Harris became Vice President, Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Alex to fill her vacant Senate seat. Alex is running to finish Vice President Harris’ term (November 9, 2022-January 2, 2023), and in a separate election for a new full term beginning on January 3, 2023.

Make sure you vote for Alex Padilla in both elections so he can remain in the Senate to continue fighting to defend democracy.