Listen: Alex Padilla talks about his first year in the Senate

A little over a year ago, California Attorney General Alex Padilla broke into tears when Gov. Gavin Newsom asked him if he’d accept an appointment to the U.S. Senate to replace Kamala Harris, who had just been elected vice president. 

On the debut of the “It’s All Political” segment on the “Fifth & Mission” podcast, Padilla reflects on his first year as the first Latino ever to represent California as a U.S. senator. He tells Joe Garofoli about an eye-opening exchange he had with Sen. Lindsay Graham when he first arrived in Washington, and about successes and disappointments since then. 

Speaking about last week’s defeat of Democrats’ attempt to change the filibuster rules to pass voting rights legislation, Padilla says he’s “beyond disappointed, beyond frustrated, but we don’t give up.”

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