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The Economy, Jobs & Small Businesses

It’s no coincidence that California, the most diverse state in the nation, is the 5th largest economy in the world.

We have a responsibility to create more opportunities for Californians to find quality jobs that pay livable wages and allow workers the dignity to provide for their families.

WORKFORCE: The workforce of tomorrow is in our classrooms today. Improving how we educate today’s K-12 students, including English learners, will improve our economic competitiveness in the years ahead. As a State Senator, I authored the legislation to identify best practices in English learner instruction and apply it across the state. I also authored the bill creating an Associates Degree for Transfer in California Community Colleges and streamlined the process for community college students seeking to earn their bachelor’s degree from a four-year university.

ADVANCED MANUFACTURING: With our innovative thinking and skilled workforce, California has a unique global advantage in the areas of advanced manufacturing. To leverage these advantages for job creation, I authored legislation to provide incentives for the expansion of clean tech and other advanced manufacturing. I also authored the bill to guide the policies around the safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles in California.

DOING BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA: For entrepreneurs seeking to start a business in California, the first step is to register with the Secretary of State. In the past, required filings could only be done on paper, in person or through the mail and it would often take weeks to process. As Secretary of State, I’ve prioritized the digitization of filings and record searches to make the experience more effective and efficient. We launched bizfile California, a centralized portal with frequently needed business filings and record searches all in one place along with a step by step guide to Starting a business in California. Our automation results are working. For example, since the launch of online LLC Statement of Information filings, more than 200,000 filings have been submitted online now representing about 80% of these filings monthly. Californians can now file a trademark or service-mark online.

INFRASTRUCTURE: High-speed internet is revolutionizing many sectors of our economy. That’s why, as State Senator, I worked to provide effective incentives for broadband deployment in the unserved and underserved areas of our state. All Californians deserve an opportunity to be part of our 21st-century economy.