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I am the proud son of Mexican immigrants – my dad, Santos, and my mom, Lupe, came to the United States with an elementary school education and a strong conviction in search of the American Dream. Their hard work and sacrifice allowed my sister, my brother, and I to succeed in local public schools and go on to graduate from college. So I know how hard immigrants work to raise their families, contribute to their communities, and make life better for future generations.

Proposition 187 was a wake-up call for me. Living through the immigrant scapegoating climate that was California in 1994 made it clear to me that I needed to engage politically. I started walking precincts, calling voters to get out and vote, and eventually worked as an organizer and campaign manager before running for office to represent the very community where I grew up.

I believe Congress must pass a humane comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants who are currently living in the shadows but are contributing tremendously to our economy and to local communities.

  • I support the Dream Act and the principle that all young people who are raised in the United States and do well in school should have access to affordable higher education.
  • As Secretary of State, I revamped the online resource portals to help protect immigrants who are seeking assistance from immigration consultant fraud.

I will continue to use my platform to advocate for humane comprehensive immigration reform.