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Education has made all the difference in my life. I have been a student, a recruiter, a counselor, and a trustee of my alma mater, MIT.

Given my personal experience, I have worked hard to ensure that today’s students have the preparation and support to be college or career ready in this 21st century economy.

As Secretary of State, I travel to high schools throughout the state and share my story. Yes, I speak with bright, young students about the importance of voting and being civically engaged in their communities. I also emphasize the importance of a good education in attaining a better life.

As a State Senator, I fought for funding for public education, support and training for teachers, and a more equitable funding formula for schools and districts with a concentration of low-income students and English language learners. I also proudly authored legislation to streamline the process for community college students working to transfer to a four year university and complete their bachelor’s degree.

As a member of the Los Angeles City Council, I worked to improve the collaboration between the city and the Los Angeles Unified School District. We identified strategic locations for new schools to be built to alleviate overcrowding. We facilitated joint use agreements between city parks and recreation and school facilities. And I started the Valley Family Technology Project to address the digital divide in my own district by training students and their parents in computer technology. Hundreds of participating families earned computer systems for their home and adults became qualified for better paying jobs.